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Arctic Air Ultra Portable Home Air Cooler | Portable Personal Air Conditioner, Mini USB 3 In 1 Air Cooler (USB Operated)





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  • Arctic Air Ultra is an evaporative air cooler that uses the power of evaporating water to cool down the room temperature
  • This portable air cooler has a compact and sleek design, making it easy to carry and fit into any room
  • Arctic air ultra evaporative air cooler comes with a large water tank that can be refilled with water as needed, making it convenient to use
  • It has a powerful fan that can circulate air in a room up to 32 square meters in size, providing a comfortable and cool environment
  • The arctic air ultra portable evaporative air cooler also has adjustable air vents and a 3-speed fan control that allows users to customize the air flow to their preference
  • It comes with a LED display screen that shows the temperature and fan speed setting, making it easy to control and monitor
  • The Arctic Air Ultra uses energy-efficient technology, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional air conditioning units
  • Arctic air evaporative ultra portable personal air cooler fan is also very quiet, making it ideal for use in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and other quiet spaces.
  • Portable and lightweight design, ideal for use in rooms, offices, and other small spaces.
  • Uses advanced evaporative air-cooling technology to cool the air effectively and efficiently.
  • Equipped with a powerful fan and whisper-quiet operation for optimal comfort.
  • Comes with a 3-speed adjustable control to customize the cooling effect to your preference.
  • Built-in LED lights and 7-color night light options for a relaxing and calming environment.
  • Energy-saving and eco-friendly, the Arctic Air Ultra does not use refrigerants or chemicals.

Note: Not Rechargeable, Operated Via Direct USB cable


 Keep Cool and Save your Energy Bill in Minutes!


Cools Quickly and Easily
Portable Air Cooling Fan that provides you with a powerful, compact personal air cooler that draws warm air from the room and filters it through an evaporative water filter to fill any space with cool, clean, comfortable air!
Portable Air Cooler 
3 fan speeds 
Multi-directional air vent
Quiet and Lightweight 
Easy to Use

Features And Benefits

Enjoy cool, clean air anywhere with this personal air conditioner that cools, humidifies, and purifies, featuring 3 fan speeds and a multi-directional air vent.

Quiet and Lightweight

The whisper-quiet fan plus soothing night light make this air cooler perfect to use overnight for a comfortable sleep; Arctic Air Ultra is energy efficient and freon free.

Efficient Cooling

Hydro chill technology pulls in hot air through an evaporative air cooling filter and turns it into cool, refreshing air instantly;
The multi-directional air vent is adjustable to point the air to the area you want.

Easy To Use

Cool Air Wherever You Need It

Enjoy cool and fresh air in the living room, den, bedroom, office, kitchen, bathroom, basement, and more.